Hi! I’m Philip. Welcome to my portfolio.

My passion is the practice of design, for everything from processes to products. I love engaging with people to dream up and make things that create mutual value.


Here are some examples of my recent work.

Screenshot of 'Trap Kit' website

Trap Kit

Low-code toolkit of components, layouts, and templates to build working prototypes in the browser with the human-friendliest tech stack around: Markdown for content, USWDS for components, and GitHub Pages for hosting. All free and open-source.

Screenshot of 'Plain Vanilla GitHub Pages' website

Plain Vanilla GitHub Pages

The easiest way for low-tech people like me to create and host basic web pages for free on GitHub Pages. Just copy the template, turn on publishing, and add your Markdown content to the homepage.

Screenshot of 'Web-based presentation template' website

Web-based presentation template

A template for creating web-based presentation slides using the U.S. Web Design System and Bixal branding. Built with accessibility in mind, it includes common templates, automated slide navigation, and presenter notes.

Screenshot of 'USWDS Screener Prototyping Tool' website

USWDS Screener Prototyping Tool

A customizable form for prototyping a screener experience using the U.S. Web Design System and GitHub Pages. The template can be copied and modified without any installs or local builds.

Screenshot of 'No-Code API' website

No-Code API

A template for creating a read-only API from a CSV file and hosting it on GitHub Pages. Content is auto-magically published as a JSON file that you can use to pull content into your apps and design tools.

Screenshot of 'Tweetto Burrito' website

Tweetto Burrito

A “tweet this” link generator to make it super-simple for your audience to shout you out on Twitter. Includes link shortening by TinyURL.


I believe in the power of design thinking and doing as a positive force for the healthy growth and continuous improvement of mission-driven organizations.

I started my educational journey in music production and engineering and wound my way through web development and instructional design before discovering experience and product design.

Currently, I’m a Lead UX Designer at Appian, a leader in low-code development and process automation.

I’m interested in all things that involve value creation and exchange, from a personal level all the way up through teams, organizations, and communities.

Other topics I’m interested in:


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